PMF Industry Group - Statement on Covid-19 outbreak

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PMF Industry Group - Statement on Covid-19 outbreak

Our ability to be both flexible and decisive is never more critical than in the current climate where the COVID-19 virus affects our entire society. We would like to use this communication to advise the measures we have implemented so that we can continue to provide our customers with the best possible service and reduce the risk of contamination for our employees, customers and partners.

PMF has implemented a COVID-19 team which continuously monitors and responds to the situation, with a focus to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners. The team determines the company policy, coordinates prevention measures and ensures the continuity of our activities.


Specifically, this means:


  • Our employees have been informed of the circumstances under which they are to stay at home and seek medical attention because of symptoms.


  • We have replaced face to face meetings and discussions with telephone or Skype meetings.


  • We limit interactions between departments, workshops and assembly teams in size and safe working distances. The possible risk of contamination is therefore as limited as possible.


  • Office workers now work from home as much as possible using the existing infrastructure and we have introduced shift working to reduce team sizes and provide flexibility for parents with children.


  • Where the management consider an external visit necessary or for visitors to our manufacturing facilities necessary, visitors are not admitted without prior consultation with their contact person and associated screening and instruction. Therefore, we ask to make sure to contact your regular PMF contacts before visiting the company for updates on the current situation and our specific precautions.


  • We have aligned measures with our suppliers to limit interactions during deliveries. The same measures apply to subcontractors as to their own employees.


We actively participate in safe customer support, whereby the above rules are leading. We hope that this situation normalizes as soon as possible and will be updating any changes if there are new developments. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions with reference to this information.


With the measures we have implemented and the cooperation of our customers and suppliers we are convinced that we can continue to get the job done safely and guarantee continuity!



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